How to Decorate for a New Years Eve Party


Are you throwing a New Year's Eve party? If so, no doubt you'll want to use some extraordinary decorations so your guests are impressed with your party decor. Here are some easy ways that you can decorate for a New Year's Eve party.

Step 1

Start out with a theme. The theme that you choose for the party is going to have a huge impact on the decorations that you will want to use. If you are having an adult masquerade party, then masks may be a great idea. However, if you are having a "Back to the '50s party," then '50s-style decorations are an excellent choice.

Step 2

Put up a banner. Of course you'll want a big banner saying "Happy New Year's." Hang it on a wall where you don't have a lot of other decorations or even consider hanging it outdoors so that your guests know where to go for the New Year's Eve party.

Step 3

Use bright colors. When you are choosing decorations, you'll want to use festive colors. Go with bright greens, oranges, reds, blues and even yellows. These are great for the napkins, tablecloths, plates and other decorations.

Step 4

Have plenty of balloons. Balloons are an old standard for New Year's Eve parties and they definitely add to the festivity of the party. If you don't want them floating around everywhere get some balloon weights at a local party store.

Step 5

Keep your Christmas decorations in place. If you already have up a Christmas tree and other great Christmas decorations, why not let them stay up? They'll only add to the holiday atmosphere and you won't have as much to do to decorate for the New Year's Eve party.

Step 6

Purchase party hats to have on hand for the guests.

Step 7

Hang festive streamers. You can find streamers at party stores in all kinds of different colors. Pick out some colors that fit the rest of your decor. You can easily use a bit of tape to secure them to the ceiling so they flutter down throughout your home.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't put out candles, especially if you are serving drinks at the party. The last thing you want is someone getting drunk and accidentally knocking over an open flame.

Things You'll Need

  • New Year's Eve banner
  • Balloons
  • Christmas decorations
  • Party hats
  • Streamers
  • Tape
  • Hangings for the banner

Who Can Help

  • New Year Favors
  • Party 411
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