Fun New Years Group Games for Kids


How do you keep the kids occupied until it's time to ring in the New Year? Get them playing these unique group games, which can be played for as long as the kids want. No special equipment is necessary and both games work for any size group, though you may want to divide very large groups (20 or more) into smaller groups.

Sign Game

This is a game of speed and stealth. Each child creates a sign to be used throughout the duration of the game. One sign might be tapping their right knee two times. Another sign might be tugging their left ear. Kids can come up with any sign, but it should be silent, quick and cannot be the same as any other child. Children sit in a circle and the person who is "It" stands in the middle. The object of the game is to secretly pass the sign from child to child without "It" seeing. Choose one person in the circle to start the game. The starting child begins by making their own sign, then passes to another child by making that child's sign. The second child "receives" the sign by making their own sign, then "passes" the sign to someone else by making that person's sign. Children in the circle need to pay attention so they know where the sign is and if the sign has been passed to them. They also need to watch the child playing "It" and only make signs when "It" isn't looking. If the child playing "It" catches someone with the sign, he sits in the circle and the caught child is now "It".


BUZZ hails back to Victorian times and is easily adapted to the skill level of the players. Choose any number from zero to nine to use as the BUZZ number and have children sit in a circle. The object is to count from zero to 100 as a group. The first child says "zero," the second child says "one," and so on around the circle, but whenever the BUZZ number comes up the child must say "BUZZ" or they're out. If, for example, the BUZZ number is three, the sequence would be "0...1...2...BUZZ...4...5..." etc. For any number with the BUZZ number in it, the children say "BUZZ". In this example, children would say "BUZZ" instead of 13, 23, 30, 31, etc. To increase the difficulty level, you can also BUZZ any number which is evenly divided by the BUZZ number. If the BUZZ number is four, children would say "BUZZ" instead of 4, 8, 12, 14, 16, etc.

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