How to Give Green at the Office


There are more ways than one to give green for the holidays at the office. Give your employees something more personal than cold, hard green cash. Giving eco-green gifts at the office says you care about your co-workers and about the environment. Below are ten ways to giving eco-green at the office this year.

Step 1

Set your budget per employee or for the entire office. There are many eco-gifts available for giving this year with prices ranging from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars each. Knowing the budget in advance will help direct your efforts and help keep you from overspending.

Step 2

Determine if you are buying one type of gift for everyone or if you are individualizing each eco-gift. Eco-gifts are such a humanitarian gift to give that buying one type of gift for all will still show your commitment to sustaining the environment. If you would really like to buy for the right gift for each employee, the variety of gifts available this year also makes individualizing each gift easy.

Step 3

If buying eco-electronics, look at eco-friendly items such as solar-powered or crank-handle weather radios by Eton. There are three models that include AM/FM/NOAA radio, flashlights, and cell phone chargers.

Step 4

Buy unique, handmade from natural materials gifts such as reserved red leather blank journals, or a Green Is Good spiral bound notebook with acid-free, blank, white, recycled pages. Look in the Resources section below for shopping sites.

Step 5

Buy the entire office boxes of organic chocolates from vendors such as Lillie Belle Farms, Whole Foods or Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates. Choose from cordials, dark chocolates, fruit filled, or chocolate bars.

Step 6

Give eco-friendly tree decorating items such as strings of solar powered lights from

Step 7

Give everyone at the office a rainforest-friendly bath set from Or, give old-fashioned bars of soap made from natural materials such as peppermint organic, olive oil, or rose petals from vendors such as onewithnature, kissmyface, drbonner.

Step 8

Buy everyone a subscription to one of the many new magazines and publications dedicated to saving the environment or give gift certificates to the local bookstores so that they can buy books on getting green.

Step 9

Buy the entire office coffee mugs made from handmade stoneware from any one of the online handmade gift sites.

Step 10

Top off the gift giving with a GlobalGiving Gift Card. Give your employees the opportunity to make a difference by letting them choose the cause they want to support. Cards can be purchased for as low as ten dollars each. And, the card itself is 100 percent biodegradable, 100 percent tax deductible, and 100 percent guaranteed.

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