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Hanukkah is celebrated with many different traditions. Displaying decorations is a way to symbolize the significance behind the Jewish holiday. Menorahs, dreidels and wreaths are some of the most popular.


Hanukkah decorations are a special way to display the significance of the Hanukkah holiday. Hanukkah, also spelled Chanukah, is a celebration that commemorates the Jewish people's historical defeat over their oppressors. Hanukkah is often referred to as the Festival of Lights. After their victory, the Jews rededicated a temple using oil that was only supposed to last 1 day. The light continued to burn for 8 days, which is why Hanukkah is also celebrated for 8 days.


There are several types of Hanukkah decorations. Every decoration has a special meaning to the holiday. All of these decorations can be bought in stores, and they can also be made.


One of the most recognizable Hanukkah decorations is the menorah. It contains 8 candles. Each of these candles symbolizes a day of Hanukkah. The 9th candle is used to light the other 8. Modern menorahs use electric lights instead of candles. The 8 days of Hannukah, as well as the 8 candles, refer to the Miracle of the Oil. The menorah is usually placed in a an open space such as a window or door. The traditional reason behind the placement is to make sure that people can witness the symbol of the miracle.


The Hanukkah dreidel is also a recognizable decoration and holiday symbol. Generally used as a children's toy, dreidels are a spinning top with 4 sides. Each side is marked with a Hebrew letter. Put together in the correct order, the letters read "A great miracle happened there." This is also a reference to the Miracle of the Oil. The traditional dreidel game involves 2 to 4 players. Prizes are won or lost depending on what side the top lands on when each player takes his turn.


The Hanukkah wreath is a variation of the traditional Christmas wreath. Though it does not have any historical meaning. The wreaths are usually made with materials that are silver and blue, the traditional Hanukkah colors.


Hannukah decorations like menorahs and dreidels can be bought or made from materials like wood and plastic. Craft projects for children and adults of all ages that symbolize menorahs and dreidels can be found online and in craft books. These decorations all represent a way to celebrate the Hanukkah tradition.

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