Christmas Open House Party Finger Foods

An open house at Christmas is a great way to see friends and family in your own home. Finger foods will encourage guests to mingle. Pass appetizer trays around so guests can munch while maintaining conversation. Set out buffet selections that can be easily replenished as well.

Passed Appetizers

Add an elegant touch to your open house by hiring a waiter to pass trays of appetizers. You can enlist older children to help pass appetizers around as well. Crab-stuffed mushrooms, pigs in a blanket, mini-quiches and filo spinach triangles can be found in the frozen food section of most supermarkets and warehouse stores. Heat and arrange them on a platter. Other easy appetizers include mini cups of warm butternut or tomato soup. Serve them in shot glasses for guests to sip. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches or tiny pizzas also are easy to prepare ahead of time. Make sure napkins are passed out with the appetizers.


Set out a nice buffet. Dips are easy but can look messy quickly, so keep on eye on the presentation. Good dip selections include a spinach dip with some sliced veggies for dipping or a French onion dip with pretzels and chips. A selection of cubed cheeses, meats and a cracker assortment will be easy to replenish. A bowl of mixed nuts is always a crowd pleaser. Choose fancy decorative bowls for aesthetic appeal. Deviled eggs are a holiday favorite and look quite festive with sprinkled paprika. A bowl of gourmet olives will go well with the meats and cheeses. Make sure there are plenty of utensils, small plates and napkins.


Don't overlook sweets. Plates full of homemade or store-bought goodies will delight your crowd. Dust brownies with confectioner's sugar for a festive look. Include a selection of oatmeal, chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Cupcakes topped with maple sugar frosting and red sugar sprinkles will look and taste delightful. Pass a tray of mini hot chocolate cups, topped with whipped cream. Red and green rock candy sticks displayed in glass jars will add a bit of whimsy.

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