Christmas Fondant Cake Ideas

Fondant is a cream confection popular for cake decorating. The mixture can be used for rolling, texturing, sculpting and molding. One of the most common uses of fondant is as a smooth, flawless cover over a cake. Fondant sculptures, such as roses or miniature figurines, are also popular decorations. Fondant's extreme versatility means that as long as you have the time and patience, your Christmas fondant cake ideas can be as wild as you desire.

Gift Theme

Wrapped presents are a classic Christmas theme and easy to create with fondant. The base of the dessert can consist of a single or layered square cake. Then, press together red and green fondant strips to create a striped piece of fondant. Cover the square cake with the smooth striped fondant covers to create a wrapped box appearance. You can add glittering white and gold fondant strips looped into a large bow to the top of the cake for a fancy accent. Place a white fondant tag with green-icing letters that reads, "Merry Christmas" to provide a finishing touch to the wrapped gift theme.

North Pole Theme

A Christmas fondant cake with a North Pole theme is easy to create, but making little fondant figurine decorations takes some time. The dessert base would consist of a dome cake covered with smooth white fondant. A light dusting of shredded coconut can cover the cake and the white tray it sits on for a snowy accent. Add a red-and-white peppermint stick with a paper "North Pole" flag to the top of the cake, and five fondant penguins on and around the cake will provide an amusing touch to the Christmas dessert. Each fondant penguin consists of a black oval body, black oval wings, black ball head, yellow triangle beak, yellow triangle feet and white oval belly, and white and black icing dots form each penguin's eye. Icing or fondant can also form hats and scarves for the penguins.

Poinsettia Theme

Poinsettias are traditional Christmas flowers and provide a bold splash of color to a cake. Start by building the base, which would consist of a two-tiered round cake, and cover it wit smooth cream fondant to provide a warm background decoration. Add large, individual, red fondant poinsettia leaves on the top of the second tier to form a giant flower decoration, as well as tiny glittering gold sugar balls in the middle of the leaves to form the flower's center. Small, red, poinsettia-shaped fondant pieces spaced evenly around the upper sides of the first tier will provide a colorful trim, and large poinsettia-shaped fondant pieces with gold sugar ball centers can decorate the bottom of the cake to help balance the overall design. A light dusting of clear sprinkles will provide an overall shimmer to the Christmas dessert.

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