Homemade Christmas Costumes


Spreading Christmas cheer by dressing up in festive costumes is a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Homemade Christmas costumes are a fun and easy way to keep your Christmas budget in check. You could already have several pieces of clothing that can be updated for the perfect costume. The costume you choose depends on the audience you plan on cheering up and your personal taste.

Santa Claus

There are many variations of Santa Claus. Two popular variations are sexy female Santa Claus and the traditional St. Nick. For sexy female Santa Claus, wear a red sleeveless leotard or teddy. A gold or yellow garter belt can hold up thigh-high white fishnet stockings. A Santa hat can be worn on top of loosely curled hair. Add a sprig of mistletoe to the hat so that Santa has to kiss everyone she comes in contact with. Red high-heeled Mary Jane shoes or sandals round out this irresistibly sexy look. It is easy to create a traditional St. Nick costume. Red sweatpants, a white T-shirt about one or two sizes too big, and a red sweatshirt that is two to three sizes too big, quilt batting, a black belt, a Santa hat, black work boots and Santa beard are needed for this costume. Put on the red sweatpants and white T-shirt. Tuck the white T-shirt into the sweatpants. Pad your stomach by stuffing quilt batting inside the tucked-in T-shirt. Once your belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly, put the red sweatshirt on. You can draw a black belt around the sweatshirt using fabric paint if you like, or you can find a thick black belt and put it on. Throw on your black work boots, put on the Santa hat and the beard, and you look just like St. Nick. Carry a large green pillowcase or bag full of presents as an accessory.


Everyone from child to grown-up can dress as their favorite reindeer this Christmas. For men and boys, you need a brown sweat suit, reindeer antlers, a red clown nose, brown and white face paint, black slippers and black gloves. For women and girls, substitute the brown sweat suit for a brown long-sleeved leotard with brown tights and brown leggings. The cuteness in this costume lies in the face paint. Using a picture of a cartoon reindeer such as Rudolph or Bambi as a guide, paint your or your child's face brown and white. Add the red clown nose if you who want to dress as Rudolph, but if don't want to wear anything on your nose, paint it red with face paint.

Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree costume is great fun to create. You need a green sweat suit; yellow, red and blue felt; colorful string; a headband; a piece of cardboard; hot glue; and wire. Cut the colorful felt into the shape of Christmas ornaments, and hot glue the shapes to the sweat suit. Cut a star shape out of the cardboard, then cover it with yellow felt on each side. Punch a hole in the bottom of the star, and use the wire to connect the star to the headband. Put on your decorated sweat suit and headband, and you are now a Christmas tree.

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