How to Make Candy Bouquets for Christmas


The Christmas season is filled with get-togethers that call for a gift for the host or hostess. Flower bouquets are common, but a more personal touch can be shown by creating a holiday candy bouquet in festive Christmas colors. Any chocolate fan will appreciate this gift, as will any children in the vicinity.

Step 1

Choose small Hershey kisses and bite-sized candy bars that have Christmas foil wrapping. Pierce each kiss and candy bar with a skewer, so that the candy is right-side up when you hold up the skewer.

Step 2

Thread two Christmas taffies onto one skewer, one after the other. Make sure that the top taffy is only half way onto the skewer so that the point doesn't stick out. Make several more of these sticks.

Step 3

Thread four Christmas-colored gumdrops onto a skewer, all in a row, sliding each gumdrop down the stick and ending with one gumdrop halfway pierced and sitting on top of the stick.

Step 4

Place florist foam in the bottom of the vase. Begin to stick the candy skewers into the foam, starting with the larger pieces and filling in with the smaller and thinner ones.

Step 5

Fill the vase with marbles or stones when all the candy sticks have been arranged so that there will be more weight at the bottom to help hold the vase upright.

Step 6

Pull lengths of curling ribbon along the blade of the scissors to make them curl. Arrange masses of ribbon curls around the base of the sticks at the top of the vase to simulate foliage.

Step 7

Hang candy canes from the edge of the vase, hanging them close enough to touch each other. Continue adding candy canes until they go all around the edge of the vase and you can't fit any more in.

Things You'll Need

  • Christmas wrapped chocolates
  • Candy canes
  • Christmas taffy
  • Gumdrops
  • Curling ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Vase
  • Florist foam
  • Marbles or stones
  • Skewers

Who Can Help

  • Commercial version candy bouquet
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