Fun Family Christmas Games


Planning family Christmas games provides entertainment for both kids and adults. Participating or observing offers laughter and enjoyment for all. Ask each family in your extended family to prepare and bring the supplies for one Christmas game for all the kids to play. Providing several options ensures every child can be a winner at one game. Keep the games and supplies stored with Christmas decorations and décor for subsequent years. Consider finding after-Christmas bargains for next year's games.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Put a spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey and play Pin the Nose on Rudolph. Sketch an outline of a reindeer on bulletin board paper. Make sure to leave the nose off. If you're not an artist use clip-art from the computer, then enlarge the reindeer to the largest size possible. Hang the picture of Rudolph on the wall. As each child takes a turn, make sure she's wearing a blindfold. Hand her a red dot sticker and spin her around once or twice. Stand the child in front of the Rudolph picture and let her try to put the red nose on Rudolph. Write the child's initials on the dots so you know the owner. The red dot closest to the nose is the winner.

Santa's Helpers

Create a team of Santa's helpers. Divide the family into two or three teams. There should be four to five people per team, with the adults evenly distributed. Place a small party favor, one box, a sheet of wrapping paper, tape and ribbon in front of each team. Each team races to wrap the party favor and tie a bow for the present, but each teammate can only use one hand. Ask each person on the team to place one hand behind their back before starting. Teammates must work together to close the box, fold the wrapping paper and tie the bow. The first team to successfully wrap the gift is the winner.

Find Santa's Reindeer

Create a scavenger hunt for Santa's reindeer. Purchase small reindeer figures or use a reindeer cookie cutter to trace and cut out. Hide the figures before family members arrive. Make some easy to find and some more difficult. The grand prize should be Rudolph. Each person who finds a reindeer receives a small prize. An alternative is to divide family members into two teams and write clues to find the reindeer. Read the first clue for each team and then the hunt begins, determining where the reindeer is hidden. The next clue is hidden with the reindeer. Place two clues at each location so each team can read the next clue. The team who finds all the reindeer first is the winner.

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