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Christmas is one of the most popular times of year for families to gather for fun and entertainment. Hosts of Christmas gatherings may choose to decorate their homes with various Christmas themed decorations; the dinnerware is no exception. Paper plates are often used for easy cleanup. You may choose to use Christmas-themed paper plates in addition to your other decorations.

Step 1

Purchase your plates before Christmas, and you will have a larger selection from which to choose. Keep an eye out for Black Friday sales. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when many stores have big sales. If you purchase Christmas paper plates after Christmas, your selection may be smaller, but your plates will likely be on sale for at least half of the original price. Purchasing these plates at other times of the year may be difficult; most stores only carry them during the holiday season.

Step 2

Visit some yard sales, the flea market, or a thrift shop. If you are looking for Christmas paper plates at other times of the year, not the holiday season, a flea market or thrift store might have some. These shops carry all sorts of items throughout the year. Many people have leftover items from the holiday season that they pass on to these places, instead of throwing them away. Only purchase them if they are new and have not been opened. You might also find Christmas paper plates at online stores, or auction Web sites.

Step 3

Buy more than you need, if you see them on sale. Stock up on Christmas paper plates and use the extra ones the following year. Put them in a box, and store them. You could also stock up on napkins, plastic utensils and paper cups. Doing this would give you one less thing to worry about next year.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not purchase paper plates that have already been opened.

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