Christmas Games to Play With Family


There is probably no other holiday that brings families together like Christmas. The colors, the smells, the festivities and the music help make a great time for all. Top this off with a good old fashioned evening of games, and you will find yourself in the middle of the picture perfect Christmas with your family.

Secret Snowman

This is a silly game that lasts for hours, even while you're playing other games with the family. Cut out a snowman from a piece of cardstock. Apply a few pieces of heavy duty tape (i.e., tape that will continue to stick after a long while) to the snowman. Throughout the evening, the goal is to pat someone on the back without that person noticing that you are actually sticking a snowman on his back. Once the snowman is discovered, the process is repeated. Someone might wear the snowman for up to an hour or more before noticing, which is perfectly fine. You can even award a prize for the person who wears it the longest. Rest assured, if there are children present, their giggling will quickly give away who has the snowman.

Christmas Carol Pictionary

This game provides a raucous good time for everyone. Divide your family members into two teams. Each team has to send a member to draw a Christmas carol title from a stocking. The team member draws pictures to represent the name of the Christmas carol until her team guesses it. Then everyone must stand and sing it together before the other team has a chance. It helps if one person sits out to referee the game, and it's more fun if both teams get the same song while they race to guess it first.

Guess the Christmas Item

Fill a large stocking with 25 objects associated with Christmas. If you have enough supplies, fill two stockings with identical contents to speed the game along. These items can be an orange, a pinecone, a bow, an ornament and Scotch tape, for example. Give each person a piece of paper and a pen. Pass the stocking around so each person can feel the stocking, trying to figure out what is inside. The family member who writes down the most correct answers wins. The prize can be the contents of the stocking.

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