Fun Christmas Games for Girls to Play

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With so many reasons to gather little girls together during Christmas, it's smart to be prepared. Bored children won't make any event a success. Before the holidays arrive, gather ideas for games that will keep girls happy. Christmas games don't have to be expensive or complicated, just entertaining. Stash away small prizes and candies for winners.

Wrapping Games

Girls love wrapping presents and unwrapping them, too. Play Pass the Present. Before the party begins, wrap a gift in several layers of different wrapping paper. That will make it easier to know where each layer starts and finishes. Whoever gets to the present keeps it. Girls can't cheat and tear off all the paper at once--make them unwrap it in layers. Play Wrap It Up. Divide girls into two groups. One girl on each team should be the present. Let the other girls use wrapping paper, tape and bows to entirely wrap the "present." The team that entirely wraps the "present" first wins a prize.

Gumdrop Bingo

Liven up a Christmas party with Gumdrop Bingo. You'll need to buy or make bingo cards. Use symbols like Christmas trees, stars, presents and elves. Keep a copy of each symbol or write the name of the symbol on a piece of paper. Put them in a festive bowl from which you could pull them out at random. Give girls red and green gumdrops to fill up their bingo cards as you call out the symbols. You can play the game again and again. Let the girls munch on gumdrops while they play.

Snowball Races

This game could be played outside or in a roomy den. Divide the girls into two groups. You'll need some round Styrofoam balls, equal amounts for each side. Put two plastic Christmas bowls or cups at the finish line. Girls put the foam balls on the spoons and race to get to the finish line. If they drop the ball, they have to start over. Make this game more complicated by not allowing anyone to use her hands. Girls will giggle all the way to the finish line.

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