Christmas Coloring Activities for Kids


One activity children enjoy all year around is coloring. Create clever and entertaining ways to encourage this activity, even during the holidays. There are plenty of themed ideas and coloring sheets you can purchase or make for your children to enjoy.


To help your kids count down the days until Christmas, give them a coloring page each day for the 25 days of Christmas. Make the pages Christmas-themed with reindeer, an evergreen tree, snowmen and on Christmas Eve, Santa's sleigh. The activity will give your children something to look forward to each evening and is also a good way to have them settle down before bedtime. On Christmas day, present them with a notebook to insert all of the pages they colored throughout the month.

Color A Story

If you have a group of children at a Christmas party, keep them entertained by setting out an entire spread of markers and crayons along with various pages to color that tell a story. The story can be anything--perhaps the steps to building a snowman or decorating a Christmas tree. Allow the children to color the pages and put them in order as they see fit. Hang a string of garland from one side of the coloring room to the other. Have clothespins handy and instruct the kids to clip each picture in order on the garland so everyone can admire the story.

Make a Mural

Every child has her own idea of what Christmas means. This holiday season, give him a chance to express that in a mural. Hang large pieces of craft paper on the walls and lay a drop cloth or large piece of plastic on the floor. Then, set out fingerpaints, various brushes and sponge-stamps and let your kids' imaginations run wild. Before they begin, outfit them with smocks or old t-shirts. Thensimply ask them to paint Christmas. After they are finished, you will have a keepsake you can frame and bring out each year as a reminder of a child's view of the holiday.

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