Valentine's Day Monster Crafts for Kids

Valentine's Day can be more than sappy sweet love poems and kisses. Combine your children's love of monsters with an upcoming Valentine's Day holiday for easy, creative art projects. Brainstorm ways to friendly-looking monsters, then gather a few household supplies or make a quick trip to the craft or dollar store. Kids can make fun cards and card holders for themselves, family and classmates, all with a monster theme.


Although Frankenstein was the name of the scientist (Victor Frankenstein) who created the lumbering, bolt-headed green giant, the name of the book about the pair generally has been associated with the monster. Even though Frankenstein has great popularity during Halloween, bring him back as a craft for your kids during Valentine's Day. In many movies based on the book, the monster sported lots of gauze wrap. Kids can use that as a basis to make creative Valentine's Day cards, or "Frankentines." Using toilet paper, paint lacy hearts, glue pieces onto red poster board and cut out heart shapes. You can even forgo wrapping paper, having kids decorate the toilet paper with markers, then wrap long lengths around a box of chocolate for a sweet "Frankentine's Day" gift.

Shrek Cards

Let kids show someone they care about how easy it really is being green by making special Shrek Valentine's Day cards. Shrek, the ogre who starred in the blockbuster DreamWorks movies bearing his name, is a friendly green monster who sports tiny ears on either side of his massive head. Using green cardboard or construction paper, trace heart shapes but add an tubular ear on each side. Help kids to cut around the outline, then let them decorate the ear-sporting hearts with glitter, glue and heart-shaped stickers.


With a quick trip to the craft shop or dollar store, you can purchase supplies to get your kids' creative juices flowing before Valentine's Day. Buy a small metal mail box for each child. Be sure to purchase the rural kind (with the flag that raises up and down). Inexpensive mailboxes are available in red and white around Valentine's Day and through online party retailers. Spread a table with pom poms, paint, felt, feathers and googly eyes. Then challenge the kids to create the scariest monster they can imagine. Monsters can be painted on the sides of the mailbox, created inside the box or even drawn on the hinged lid. Once the mailboxes dry, kids can use them to store their Valentine's cards from classmates, friends and family members.

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