Valentine's Candy Bar Crafts

Kids can make candy bar crafts for Valentine's Day for their friends and family. They're also fun for parents to make and give to their children. Candy bar crafts can be made at home for a special someone or can be an activity for a Valentine's party at school, scouts or any other youth group.

Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

Make a custom candy bar to give to your Valentine sweetie. This craft works best with a candy bar with a removable outer wrapper, which, when taken off, still leaves the candy wrapped in foil. Remove the outer wrap, and trace it on a piece of plain or colored paper. Decorate the new wrapper with hearts, and add a personal message if you like. Re-wrap the candy bar with the new wrapper, and tape in place.

Candy Bar Vase

Make an inexpensive "vase" for silk flowers from three or four full-sized candy bars. Stand the bars up on their short ends and form a box shape. Tape or glue the candy bars together. Add a bit of Styrofoam or florist foam to the bottom of the vase, and insert silk flowers into the foam. Wrap a ribbon around the vase to add a finishing touch.

Candy Bar Cars

Make Valentine candy cars from mini candy bars, boxes of conversation hearts and round hard candy. Use a box of candy for the car body, two mini bars for the spoiler and round hard candies for the wheels. Use glue dots or white glue to stick the parts together.

Candy Bar Butterflies

Make candy bar butterflies (or dragonflies) with mini candy bars, construction paper and googly eyes. Cut out heart-shaped butterfly wings from the construction paper and glue to the underside of the candy bar. Cut out a circle for the head and decorate with googly eyes and a smile, then glue to the candy bar. These cute Valentine candy butterflies can be used as party treats or glued to a Valentine card as a 3-D effect.

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