Valentine's Day E Cards for Moms


Valentine's Day is traditionally a day for sweethearts to send cards professing their love for each other. But people are starting to send cards to everyone they care about, not just their significant others. And who is more deserving of your platonic affection than dear old mom? One popular way to send your thoughts is with an eCard. They're convenient and, as technology improves, they offer extra benefits such as animation and music.

Why Mom?

When Valentine's Day comes around, most people don't think about sending a card to their mother. The romantic association with the holiday might make the whole idea seem strange. But over the years the day has become more open, and now we send notes to anyone we care about. Mothers are the people who give us life and then nurture us through our most vulnerable stages. Even if the person who raised you is not your biological mother, the bond of love that you share transcends blood. It's because of this bond that people want to honor these important figures every chance they get.

Why eCards

If you live far away from your mother and you're worried about the card getting lost in the mail, then this option might be for you. An eCard can travel around the world in seconds. No last-minute trips to the post office. Also, the variety is larger than what you would find in a regular walk-in store. You will have a better chance of finding that "just right" card that will make your mom smile.

What To Look For

There are literally hundreds of websites for eCards. How do you pick? There's no way around it: you'll just have to look around. Every site has free cards and some have cards that cost money. The animation and music are nice whether the card is free or not, but if you want extra bells and whistles be prepared to shell out a couple of dollars.


There are a few websites that specialize in gifts for mothers. has eCards targeted towards mothers for all holidays. They also have paper cards and gift baskets. Hallmark and American Greetings specialize in printed cards but also have a wide selection of eCards. The navigation functionality on their websites is easy to use and allows you to sort by occasion and by the person to whom you are sending the card.


Try personalizing your card by adding a note. Tell your mother specifically what she means to you. Give examples of what you love about her. A personal touch makes any card a hundred times better, electronic or otherwise.

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