How to Design Valentine Cards to Print

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Every year, retailers sell many different Valentine's Day card designs to reflect various personalities. Instead of buying cards, you can design your own and put an even more personal spin on the holiday. You can add family photos or personalized greetings that you wouldn't be able to find through a retail outlet. Having a computer isn't necessary, but using one can help with the design process, allowing you to quickly move and alter design elements.

Step 1

Decide what you want to include in your card; this could be a particular joke or quote, an image or design elements such as hearts or Cupid.

Step 2

Consider design elements such as fonts, colors and borders.

Step 3

Choose a size and layout. Home-designed cards don't have to be regular-sized paper folded in half that open right to left. They can be tri-folds that open bottom to top and delivered in business-sized envelopes.

Step 4

Design your card, incorporating your design elements into your chosen layout. You don't have to use a computer to design your card, but you will need to be able to scan the complete design in order to print it.

Step 5

Save your finalized design as a printable computer file if you designed it on the computer. This can be a word processing file, .pdf or image file. Otherwise, scan your design into your computer or take it to a print shop so they can scan it in, making it ready to print.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Design material (e.g., pencils, collage materials, etc.)
  • Computer with software that can manipulate text and, if necessary, images (optional)

Who Can Help

  • Threadbanger's page on DIY Valentine's Day projects
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