Valentine's Day Group Activities for High School

Valentine's Day inspires group activities that focus on caring and kindness. At the high school level, the students can play an integral role in planning their own group Valentine's projects. The possibilities for high school group activities range from simple classroom activities to involved community service projects based on the holiday of love.

Elementary Art Project

Groups of high school students can share their expertise and time with elementary students through an art project. The high school students are divided into groups and assigned to a specific elementary classroom. The groups then plan a Valentine's art project to teach and complete with the elementary students. They are responsible for gathering all of the supplies and instructing the young students on the art projects. This activity also works well in a senior citizens' home. Either way, this group activity is a good way to promote community service and create bonds between different age groups.

Valentine's Care Packages

Care packages for the troops provide them with some Valentine's cheer in a difficult situation. The groups of high school students work together to plan the care packages and gather the materials. This might include seeking donations from the school and local businesses, holding a fund-raiser to purchase the supplies or providing the materials themselves. The packages are created and sent to Unites States military personnel stationed in other countries. Valentine's letters to the troops integrate a language arts component into this high school Valentine's activity.

History of Valentine's Day

The origins of Valentine's Day stretch back long before Hallmark emphasized the commercial aspect of the holiday. There is some debate as to the exact origin of Valentine's Day. A research project on the history of Valentine's Day is an educational and fun project for high school students. Because of the uncertain beginnings of the holiday, you can hold a debate with groups of students defending possible options. The high school students can also develop a skit that addresses the history of Valentine's Day throughout the years. A living time line, in which the students act out different events throughout the history of Valentine's Day, is a good way to present the information. These options allow the high school students to share their research with other classes in the building.

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