Valentine Ideas for Infants


Celebrating holidays with your kids can be an exciting experience. If your child is getting ready to celebrate her first Valentine's Day, you may be wondering how to plan activities and treats that will cater to her age. After all, you can't give flowers and chocolates to a baby. There are still plenty of fun and tasty things you can plan for Valentine's Day celebrations with your infant, if you put a little creativity into it.

Handmade Valentine Expressions

You can help your little one send Valentine greetings to his grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else. Just because he's too small to write "Happy Valentine's Day" doesn't mean he can't participate in creating a greeting that comes from the heart. To make an infant-friendly valentine craft, start with some sturdy paper. Try cardstock or scrapbooking paper in a light color, such as baby pink or white. Cut the paper into heart shapes, approximately three inchesin diameter. You can use a cookie cutter to trace if you don't want to freehand the heart shape. Cut one for every person you want to send a gift to this Valentine's Day. Now pour some non-toxic finger paint into a small dish or styrofoam plate. Take your baby's hand and dip his fingers into the paint. Then let him smear his little fingerprints all over the hearts you have cut out. If he's an older infant, he may be able to figure this out on his own; very young babies will need you to hold their hands for guidance. Either way, try to keep his fingers out of his mouth; just because the paint is non-toxic doesn't mean you want him to eat it. When baby has covered most of the hearts' surfaces with paint, let them dry and put him in the bathtub. When the hearts are dry, you can add a piece of magnetic tape to the back so that your relatives can display your crafty creations on their refrigerators.

Valentine Treats

Conversation hearts and assorted chocolates are definitely not the best things to give to an infant. Instead, try making some special treats that are baby-friendly. If your baby is old enough to have juice, give her a frozen treat by freezing juice in an ice cube tray. Add a popsicle stick or toothpick so you can hold the juice cubes after they freeze. Hold it to her mouth and let her suck on it; not only will it be a yummy holiday treat, it will soothe her gums if she's teething. You may also be able to give your baby a special Valentine-themed baby food treat. Try strawberry whipped yogurt, or cherry pudding. While these may not be suitable for everyday eating, they can be a sweet treat for a special day.

Show Him the Love

You probably won't take your baby to a Valentine's Day party, and he may not exactly be interested in dancing the night away with his friends. This doesn't mean you can't plan a special celebration. To show him you love him, give him a soothing massage using baby lotion. You can also plan a dance party of your own at home. Play upbeat music and hold your baby as you dance with him in your arms. He'll love the music, and the closeness of a special time with you.

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