Valentine Ideas for Teens


Teenagers don't always exude warm and fuzzy feelings typically felt on Valentine's Day. It is still very important to show your teen that she is loved and appreciated. Deep down every teen wants to get a gift on this holiday - even if it is from mom or dad. Buy your teenager a gift they will love and use, and he won't think Valentine's Day is lame after all.

Gift of Music

If your teen doesn't already own an iPod or other MP3 player, buy him one for Valentine's Day. Apple allows you to engrave a special message on the back of the iPod if you so choose. If your teen already has an iPod or MP3 player, buy him an iTunes or Amazon gift card so that he can download the music, movies, or other media of their choice. Docking stations, cool cases, and other accessories are also great gift ideas if your teen loves music and his portable music player.

Anti-Valentine's Day Gear

Many teens are openly "anti-Valentine's Day". Buy your teenager a T-shirt, hat, coffee mug, or set of ink pens that openly denounces this "overly commercialized" holiday. Your teen will be happy because she will think you finally understand her. Stores such as Hot Topic, Spencer's, and online retailers such as CafePress typically carry anti-Valentine's day objects during the appropriate season.

New Cell Phone

Is your teen complaining about his "ancient" cell phone that he's had "forever"? If so, buy your teen a new cell phone that features a multimedia package that allows him to surf the Internet. Texting, Twittering, and looking at MySpace and FaceBook will be possible at the touch of a button in the palm of his hands. This Valentine's Day gift will leave you cool in his book.

Car Magnets

Teenagers love to decorate their cars. Many teens resort to using shoe polish on the windows to write out messages and show their individuality. Buy your teen a set of car magnets that will allow her endless personalization possibilities. Car magnets are a lot better than bumper stickers because they are a lot easier to remove.

Night Out

If your teen is dating someone special, buy him a set of movie tickets and a gift card for dinner for two. Even though you might rather spend the Valentine's Day holiday with them, sometimes teens will appreciate you more for giving them space and independence. By purchasing your teen basic Valentine's Day date staples, he can spend more money purchasing a gift for his girlfriend.

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