How to Make Valentine Word Search Games

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Valentine word search games offer a quick and easy activity for the holiday. Create word search games using one of the many websites available. Customize the puzzle to fit every age group from kindergarten to middle school or older. These word search games provide entertainment for classrooms, after-school daycare, Girl Scout troops and neighborhood groups. Keep reading to discover how to make your own Valentine word search games.

Step 1

Print pre-made Valentine word search games from the Internet. Several websites offer pre-made Valentine word search games ready to print with the click of a button. These word search games come in various difficulty levels. Included are typical Valentine words such as heart, love and cupid.

Step 2

Create Valentine word search games. Find a website that allows you to create free Valentine word search puzzles. Doing an Internet search for free word search games or make your own Valentine word search games brings up several hits. Select the website you feel most comfortable using.

Step 3

Enter the words. The first step is entering the words for the puzzle. Carefully read the instructions how to correctly enter the words. Some websites want you to list the words, while others prefer the words be separated by commas. Entering words incorrectly can cause a delay with your Valentine word search game.

Step 4

Choose the parameters for the puzzle. Many sites allow the creator to select how large the puzzle will be or what size font to use. Other let you decide how the answers will appear. Click and complete to make the puzzle.

Step 5

Check the puzzle. Double check the puzzle for profanity or obscene language. Remember a computer is randomly putting together letters; a mistake can happen. This is important if children will solve your puzzle. Print or save your puzzle.

Tips and Warnings

  • Check your word search game for profanity or obscene language before printing.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Paper
  • List of Valentine words

Who Can Help

  • Make Your Own Word Search
  • Pre-Printed Word Search
  • Pre-Printed Word Search
  • Make Your Own Word Search
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Photo by: Photo Credit: Steve Woods

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