Strange Facts About Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a long-standing holiday with origins that are not entirely known. The celebration of the holiday today contains vestiges of both Roman and Christian traditions. Over time, there have been some strange practices associated with Valentine's Day, some of which are still practiced.

Saint Valentine

The Catholic church recognizes three martyred saints by the name of Valentine or Valentinus, any of which may be associated with the roots of the holiday.

Middle Ages

In the middle ages, girls believed that the first boy they saw on the morning of Valentine's Day would become their spouse later in life.


Seventy-three percent of the flowers purchased for Valentine's Day are bought by men, while women purchase more greeting cards for the holiday.


In Wales, an intricately carved "love spoon" is a traditional Valentine's Day gift.


February 14th is thought to be the day when birds mate for the spring. It is sometimes believed that if a robin flies over the head of an unmarried woman, then she will marry a sailor.


An estimated three percent of pet owners will show some love to their pets by purchasing special Valentine's Day gifts for them.

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