Valentine Ideas for Third Graders


By third grade, kids are pretty much divided on the whole Valentine idea. While girls are enthralled with "pink is perfect" and the romantic connotations of the holiday, most boys would rather forget about the whole thing. That's why it's important to focus on ideas for celebrating that appeal to both groups. Concentrating on active games that link with the Valentine theme will usually satisfy everyone, and making the preparation of the refreshments part of the entertainment can round out a successful Valentine celebration.

Valentine Games

Investing in a gross of red latex balloons will pay off in entertainment value. Buy two sizes: 5-inch for water balloons and larger ones for other games. Divide kids into teams for three balloon relays. In the first one, "One-armed Valentines," inflated balloons are moved to the finish line by runners who can only use one hand to propel them along. In the second relay, "You Broke My Heart," each player must blow up a balloon, race with it to the finish line, then run back with it, sit down on top of it and pop it. Finally, provide each team with an enormous white T-shirt with a red heart drawn on the front with a marker. Each member of the team must put on the shirt while keeping an inflated balloon in the air. A water balloon game pits one team against the other, with each team trying to pitch the most unbroken water balloons inside the outline of a large red heart made from yarn.

Valentine Treat Activities

Divide kids into groups of four or five and give them the job of building a Valentine castle from graham crackers, icing, and assorted Valentine candies. Give awards to the tallest, most unique, and most "Valentine-y" castle. Kids may then gobble up their creations. Provide kids with red licorice whips and challenge them to create perfect hearts and shape their names before they devour their creations.

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