Preschool Valentine Ideas

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Preschool is perhaps the first time a child has the opportunity to exchange Valentines with a large group of her peers. Such an exciting event can be made even more memorable by allowing the child to participate in the creation of the cards. Many children of preschool age have the ability to color, cut with safety scissors and glue. These are just the skills useful for making preschool valentines.


Preschool children are just learning how to make connections with each other and understand what friendship means. The buddy-gram is a touching way to display this kinship. Start with a piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Draw the outline of a person on the front of the card so that the hands are outstretched and connect the left hand to the side fold of the card. Cut out the outline of the person. Now you have a card shaped like a person, and when you open it, it appears to be two people holding hands. Have the child color in the people inside. He can even color the people to look like himself and the child who will be receiving the card.

Pop-Up Heart Card

A pop-up card is not only an enjoyable craft to make but also offers a little surprise to the receiver. To make a pop-up heart card, start with a sheet of card stock or construction paper and draw a heart no more than 5 inches wide. Now draw two strips about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. At the end of each strip, draw a triangle with the point facing down. Cut these pieces out. Glue the non-triangle end of the strips to the back of the heart on either side. Fold a sheet of construction paper in half to make a card. Open the card and glue the triangles down, on either side of the fold, in the middle. Let it all dry. When it's dry, close the card carefully, folding the pop-up heart. When you open the card, the heart should pop right up.

Heart Pouch

A heart pouch adds a little something special for your valentine. Fold two pieces of construction paper in half to make cards. Cut a large half of a heart out of one folded sheet and a smaller half of a heart out of the other. Unfold your hearts. Place the smaller heart on top of the larger and glue the bottom edges together. When it is dry, let your child decorate the pouch and fill it with lollipops or other Valentine's treats.

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