Kids Valentine Crafts

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Valentine's Day is thought of as a holiday for lovers, but it is also a time to celebrate family and friendship. You can do kid's Valentine crafts in the classroom or at home as a way to celebrate the holiday and focus on the people the child cares about. Celebrate this holiday of love with gifts, crafts and decorations for the home.

Card Crafts

The most common kids Valentine activity is a classroom card exchange. It only takes minimum adult supervision to make the cards. The most popular cards have candy or silly puns. Make a flower Valentine with a lollipop, florist's tape and tissue paper. Cut and layer squares of multicolored tissue paper approximately six high. Push the lollipop stick through the center of the tissue squares and gather the tissue around the candy to resemble a flower. Wrap a length of green florist's tape around the stick and base of the tissue flower to secure it and make the stem green. Place teddy bear-shaped crackers and gummy bears inside small see-through bags and combine the small gift idea with a pun. Tie the bag with pretty ribbon with a handwritten card attached that has messages such as "Here's a bear hug" or "I can't bear to be without you." Another gift children can easily make is a Valentine bookmark. Glue a strip from last year's calendar onto a strip of card stock with the message "You make my day."

Crafting Gifts

Kids can make a gift for an adult with help from a parent. Fill a large mason jar with the dry ingredients of a favorite cookie recipe, arranged in attractive layers. The child decorates the jar with glass paints and ties a ribbon and handwritten card around the top, promising to spend a special day making cookies with the recipient. Grandparents who may not see their grandchildren often will treasure this gift. Coasters are another gift. Have the children arrange dried flowers and construction paper hearts on the waxy side of wax paper. Sprinkle pink and red crayon shavings lightly over the surface then place a second piece of wax paper on top, wax-side down. An adult irons the creation until the crayon shavings melt and the wax paper is fused together. Cut out the coasters using decorative edged scissors for a heartfelt, functional gift.

Decorating Crafts

Getting the house in the proper spirit for the holidays is easy with kid-crafted goodies. Kids can easily decorate plain white kitchen or bathroom towels with red and pink fabric paint. Puff-style paint that comes in an applicator bottle is the easiest for kids to use, or use brush-on paints with store-bought or homemade stencils. An edible Valentine's garland for the birds will dress up the outside of the house and share the spirit of the holiday with your feathered friends. Add a few drops of red food coloring to the oil before popping some popcorn to make it red. Cut out hearts from card stock or thin cardboard that are about 2 inches in size and poke a hole in the top of them. Thread the popcorn on heavy string, using a sharp needle, and intersperse it with the hearts. Tie the ends of the string when done. Smear some peanut butter on the hearts and sprinkle with bird seed. Decorate trees or roof eaves with this edible garland.

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