Free Valentine Card Crafts

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You can show your friends and family you care about them no matter your budget. Make valentine card crafts with items you already have around the house. This allows you to send valentines to your grandparents or friends from school. You can remember everyone important to you on Valentine's Day for free.

Easy Card Crafts

You may think that you aren't an artist or crafter. Valentine cards are easy to make and can have a professionally-created look. Use different fonts to create a Valentine's Day card. Write a short poem to adorn the front of the card. Vary the size, font and color of every few words to easily create a card with impact. Use graphic design skills to create a custom card that looks like it came from the store. Add a graphic black and white background with swirls. Print the card and give your card dimension by spelling out your message with stickers. You won't even have to draw or practice calligraphy. Stamps add color and pattern to a plain piece of paper to save money. Press a heart-shaped cookie cutter against a white eraser and cut around the shape to make a free stamp. Vary the interest of these stamps by stamping them on top of a square shape using a stamp pad. For an elegant or modern card vary the colors. Try using brown and white or orange and taupe for a contemporary valentine.

Paper Valentine Cards

Paper valentine crafts aren't just for kids. You probably already have various colors of paper and cardstock in your home. Quilling involves rolling strips of paper to form shapes. These valentines show you put effort into the day and have a vintage air. Start off with an easy design such as a word or heart. Make a heart shape by folding a strip of paper in half. Roll the edges towards each other until it forms a heart shape. Secure to the card with glue. You can make several hearts in different colors for an easy card that looks elaborate. For a free Valentine's Day card you'll have to use the items that you have around the house. You may not have expensive scrapbooking supplies on hand. Make faux ribbons by cutting strips from patterned paper. Write or type a message on one of the strips. Cut a v shape into the edge of the paper to simulate ribbon. Different colors and patterns add interest to the front of the card. Top off your card craft with a handmade envelope. Give your valentine a vintage feel with an envelope made from a paper doily. According to home and craft expert Martha Stewart these envelopes aren't suitable for the mail because of their sheer nature. Making an envelope is as simple as folding the sides of the doily towards each other and then folding up the bottom. Adhere with a glue stick.

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