Sweet Valentine Ideas for Him

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Don't get lost in the sea of chocolate, flowers and cards during the Valentine season. Creating new traditions that you can enjoy together keeps the spark, adventure and excitement alive in your relationship. Just imagine his look of surprise and happiness when you put together a sweet Valentine idea especially for him.

12 Days of Valentines

Do twelve days of romance this year for Valentines, based on the 12 days of Christmas. Each day give him a gift corresponding with the number of that day. The first day would be one item. The next day you'd give him 2 items. Repeat until you're on day 12, when you give 12 items. For example, give him a measuring tape with a love note on day 1. Give him 2 work gloves on the second day. Give him 3 golf balls on the third day. Select gifts that he will enjoy. All the gifts don't have to be romantic. It's the thought and new tradition that is important. He might enjoy some practical gifts. On the last day, give him a box of 12 chocolates.

Valentine's Day Jar

Save a large glass jar to recycle for this Valentine's Day idea. Wash and dry the jar. Paint hearts on the jar with acrylic paint. Use acrylic paint to make the jar lid solid red. Write a reason you love him on a pink note card. Write favorite sayings the two of you have together on individual cards. Write lyrics from your favorite songs on individual cards. Write memories on individual cards. For example, write, "I remember when we went to the movies and ran out of gas on the way there." Fold each card in half two times. Put the card in the jar. Seal the jar with the lid. Write instructions on a Valentine's Day card to open the jar daily or weekly, and read only one card at a time. Fill the jar with new cards when it starts to run low. Make a scrapbook of the cards to give to him on another gift-giving occasion or to have as a keepsake of your own.

Rent a Hot Tub

Check your local phone or newspaper listings for a company renting portable hot tubs. Hire an overnight babysitter or get a relative to help out, if you have children. Arrange for the company to set up the portable hot tub while your man is at work or gone for the day. Place the portable hot tub by the television, or move the television to the area. Pre-record a movie. Fill a tray with edible finger foods, and chill champagne or sparkling juice to serve in an ice bucket. Greet him at the door and tell him he has a Valentine's Day surprise waiting. Enjoy time together in the hot tub, watching the movie, eating finger foods and drinking.

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