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Fundraising can be a difficult task if you don't provide a service or product that potential customers want. That is why choosing a specific holiday for a fundraising task can be beneficial. It provides an option for a group of people in search of a holiday gift. Valentine's Day is a perfect holiday for a fundraising campaign. Like Christmas and Mother's Day, it is a time when people feel a need to recognize the ones they love.

Identifying a Target Audience for Fundraising

Identify the customer. Charities and groups can provide a profile of their typical supporters. For school fundraisers, customers include parents, other family members, co-workers and friends. For community fundraisers, solicit demographic information from the locality to identify potential customers. Another option is to put together a focus group of the perceived customer base to narrow down a specific target audience.

Deciding on a Fundraising Goal

Fundraising goals can be fixed or open. Fixed goals are set to meet an end result such as the purchase of computers for a classroom. Open goals have no set target amount since the money raised is typically dispersed over several projects, such as for research into a disease.

Selling Products to Raise Funds

Product ideas should center on typical Valentine's Day items such as greeting cards, flowers, candy, jewelry, gift baskets, balloons or stuffed animals. While greeting cards and gift baskets can be made, they require an upfront expenditure. Gifts like flowers, balloons, or stuffed animals can be purchased wholesale and then resold for a profit. Other items like jewelry or candy can be sold through a supplier's brochure and then drop shipped as required.

Selling a Service to Raise Funds

Service ideas include things like singing telegrams, breakfast in bed, or maid for a day. While no upfront money may be needed, they will require a group of volunteers to execute the services. Whether services are delivered on Valentine's Day or as claimed, execution of them will require careful planning and solid follow-through.

Selling Event Tickets for Raise Runds

Valentine events could include a kissing both, a dinner/dance or a bachelor/bachelorette auction. Some require more time, expense, and effort than others.

Preparing for the Fundraiser

Develop a plan of execution that identifies what will be sold, how it will be sold, who will do the selling and establishes a selling time frame. If services are involved, identify how many and what types of volunteers will be needed to carry out the plan. Identify sources for purchasing, renting, or borrowing whatever is needed to make the fundraising idea work. Bargain with multiple dealers for the best deals. Some companies will cut prices significantly or provide freebies if you agree to list them as a co-sponsor. Get creative in finding way to keep costs down. Try bartering, trading services, and playing one competitor against another to get the best deal possible.

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