Homemade Valentine Candles Project

A red heart-shaped pillar candle is perfect for Valentine's Day. image by Jan Krutisch/Flickr.com


Celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic, homemade project such as making your own candles. Options are endless, depending on your level of craftiness, experience making candles or preference for materials. Your special someone will likely treasure the time, attention and love you put into making a special gift, whether it's one candle, a basket full of them or adding homemade candles to a romantic dinner for two.

Wax and Wicks

Choose from various types of wax such as paraffin, natural or choose gel. Either way, many craft stores have melt-and-pour wax with specific directions on what temperature to heat the wax and the proper temperature to pour the wax. Pick the color and scent you want and purchase the necessary essential oils to go with it. Wicks are made from materials in different thicknesses with assorted structures. Choosing the right wick for your wax and the size of candle you are making will be the difference between a pleasant burning experience or a disaster. LetsMakeCandles.com, found in resources, has a wick chart helpful to determining the correct wick to use.

Sizes, Colors and Scents

Plan out your candles according to the sizes you want to make. Pillars, tea lights or votives are the most common sizes. Purchase enough wax (or gel) to make more than the number of candles you intend to make; have enough for four or five candles if you want to make three. If something goes wrong, you'll have enough material to work around it. Adding the correct amount of coloring and scent is important so the candle turns out the way you plan. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Red, white and pink are popular colors for Valentine's Day. Scents can range from your favorite flowers or a scent such as cinnamon and your partner both enjoy. Pick a scent that invokes romantic feelings or memories, such as a fresh ocean breeze if you often walk along the beach together or strawberries if he fed you strawberries on your first date.


Pouring wax directly into a suitable container, such as glass jars, is an easy way to make valentine candle. There are other options, however. Molds are available to create free-standing or floating candles in particular shapes. Two hearts or a rose-shaped candle are fitting choices for Valentine's Day. For containers, consider wine glasses, heart-shaped votives, tea cups or small colored vases. Decorating pre-existing containers to hold a store-bought candle is another idea. Put a votive candle holder inside a large glass container, and then fill the space with colored glass beads or crystals in red, pink or a combination. Adding a white, red or pink votive candle holder nstead of a clear votive candle holder will create a brilliant, sparkling light through the crystals. Make a few of these to spread around the room for a romantic mood.

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