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If you are teaching Sunday School or children's church during the Valentine holiday you'll probably need a good Valentine's Bible craft. Keeping little hands busy is important in keeping order in your classroom. Give children a fun craft to do that will serve as a nice gift kids can share or give as a keepsake to parents or grandparents.

Angel Verses

Teach your class about angels with this lesson. You'll need a computer and printer to print angel templates. Choose some angel clip art or coloring pages from your favorite source and print them in black and white. Have children color the angels with markers and crayons. Then give them child safe scissors to cut out the images. Provide each child with a clean glass jar. Children can glue the angel image to the front of the glass jar. Using your computer, print out angel quotes from the Bible. Some examples would be when the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary, or when an angel spoke to Daniel. Let kids cut the quotes out from the sheets. Have them place each angel quote in their jars. Tell them to take the jars home and pull a quote from the jar each day and read it. Kids will learn about the Bible and learn more about God's love for them via angelic messengers.

Tissue Paper Hearts

On a large sheet of construction paper draw a heart on to the paper. You'll need one for each child. In the center of the heart write the scripture "For God so loved the whole world, He gave His only son." It's found in John 3:16. Read children the verse and tell them what it means. Talk about God's love for the whole world including them. Then provide children with snipped up pieces of tissue paper in a variety of colors. Let them glue the tissue paper to the construction paper filling up the empty heart. Have them leave the scripture verse empty so everyone can see it. Let kids take the craft home to give to parents for Valentine's Day refrigerator art.

Door Hangers

Give each child a foam door hanger. Provide kids with foam cut outs like hearts and arrows. Talk to kids about the scripture found in Mark 12:30, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and your strength." Have the children write heart, soul and strength on three different hearts. Let them glue the hearts to the doorknob hanger. At the top of the door-knob hanger they should write in the scripture with markers. Or you could give them pre-printed verses they could glue onto their crafts. You might also let them glue a picture of Jesus onto their door hangers.

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