Christian Valentine Craft Ideas


Infusing holidays into religious education can help engage students in topics of Christianity. Valentine's Day Christian crafts can show students that religion is in their lives on a daily basis and can be incorporated into all holidays and celebrations.

John 3:16 Stained Glass Picture

You will need a white card stock for each student, different colors of tissue paper, glue and markers. Prep the card stock by drawing a large outline of a cross down the middle of the paper. Cut out small pieces of tissue paper to save time during the crafting. Before starting this craft, discuss the Bible verse John 3:16 with your students. Remind the students that John 3:16 is proof of God's love for all people. Next, pass out the card stock, tissue paper and glue. Allow the students to create a stained glass look by gluing tissue paper pieces inside the outline of the cross. When the tissue paper is glued, have the students write down the Bible verse 3:16, or help them do so if needed.

Candy Heart Bookmark

To make this craft, you need strips of colored foam sheets, hot glue guns, conversation candy hearts and permanent markers. Pass out a strip of a foam sheet to each student along with a permanent marker. Let the children write down something that shows God's love, such as, "Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so." Next,with the glue gun set to a low temperature, help the children hot glue a few conversation hearts to the very top of the foam sheet. Once the glue has dried, the children can use these Christian bookmarks.

Jesus Loves Me Puzzle

To begin this craft, cut hearts out of white card stock. Let students use a black permanent marker to write "Jesus Loves You." Allow students to color over the entire heart with crayons or colored pencils. Students then can carefully cut the heart into pieces that are different sizes and shapes, turning it into a puzzle. The pieces can be placed into a Valentine card and then given to a friend.

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