Homemade Valentine's Cards Ideas

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Remember when you were a kid and would fold a piece of red construction paper in half, cut out a wobbly half-heart shape, write a little poem inside and present it to your mother on Valentine's Day? There's something charming and magical about a homemade Valentine's card, and you can still capture that magic today.


Start with the basics: paper and something to draw with. Construction paper and markers are easy to find at craft, discount or dollar stores. Washable markers are best for young children; they come out of most fabrics with normal washing. Gel markers show up well on dark colors. Permanent markers are available in many colors and work well on heavyweight paper or card stock. Look for glossy paper or embossed, blank cards at craft shops or art supply stores. Embellishments add depth to your Valentine's card and make it memorable. Consider sequins, feathers, glitter, or three-dimensional details. Look through the materials you already have at home, and incorporate pretty buttons and scraps of yarn or ribbon into your design. Glitter glue is easy to use and adds sparkle to your design. Glue sticks work well for gluing paper together, regular school glue is good for gluing lightweight objects like sequins to your card and craft glue (sold at craft stores for a few dollars) is ideal for attaching things like ribbons or cloth to a heavier card. Make sure to have a sharp pair of scissors handy if you plan on cutting anything out.


Being well-prepared will make it easier to plan a card design and complete it successfully. Organize materials by type. Make sure your work surface is clean. If you're using glue, cover your work area with newspaper or an old sheet to avoid damaging the table. Wash and dry your hands well, so you don't end up with smudges of dirt and oil on your card.

Making the Card

When beginning to decorate your card, make sure the fold is either on the left side or at the top. If you'll be using glue on the front of the card, decorate the inside first. Most cards have the sentiment on the right side when you open them up. Write your sentiment on a piece of paper the same size as the card panel where you'll be writing. This allows you to get an idea of where to center your words. Sketch the design for the front on scrap paper, then draw it on the card. Begin in pencil, use markers next, and add your embellishments last. If you are using loose glitter, place the card on a larger sheet of paper and outline your design in white glue. Sprinkle the glitter over the card. After the glue is dry, shake the excess glitter off the card and onto the paper. Fold the paper in half and carefully pour the glitter back into the jar. Your finished card is a sweet way to tell someone you care.

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