Valentine Ideas for a Baby


Valentine's Day isn't just a holiday for Mom and Dad to celebrate alone together over a candlelit dinner, it's also the perfect time to celebrate with the new love in their lives--their baby. Babies are a little young to appreciate all the chocolate and greeting cards associated with Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean that their first Valentine's Day should pass without notice. There are several valentine ideas for a baby that can help parents celebrate the holiday with their bundle of joy and provide lasting memories for the whole family.


Every baby needs an item of clothing commemorating her first Valentine's Day, and parents will love the endless options to choose from. From mass merchandisers to boutique shops, valentine's clothing for babies is readily available in the month leading up the holiday. Parents can choose from basic "My First Valentine's Day" onesies to elaborate red dresses or red bow tie tuxes, depending on if they are looking for basic playwear or something for a special occasion. Valentine clothing is one of the simplest valentine ideas for a baby, but is a great way to get baby spruced up for the holiday festivities.

Stuffed Toys

Every baby will love receiving a little stuffed animal from their parents to help celebrate their first Valentine's Day, especially if they are teething. Of all the valentine ideas for a baby, stuffed valentine's animals are the easiest to find, with most retailers offering an entire aisle of heart-themed bears and countless other animals. Online retailers also feature Valentine's Day stuffed animals that can be personalized with the baby's name and year.


Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion for having professional portraits made of your baby, especially if she hasn't had any portraits taken before. Nowadays there are many options when it comes to portrait studios and available packages, making professional portraits an affordable and lasting valentine idea. Most studios offer Valentine's Day-themed backgrounds, and dressing baby in her new valentine's outfit will help complete the look for the holiday portrait. Friends and family will love to receive portraits of a baby celebrating her first Valentine's Day, and parents will have a beautiful record of the special occasion.

Holiday Foods

While not for the 6-month-and-under set, heart-shaped or red foods are some of the simplest valentine ideas for a baby. Pureed red fruits and vegetables are ideal Valentine's Day foods for babies still not eating solids, while heart-shaped pancakes, bread or sandwiches make good choices for older babies. For lasting memories of this cute valentine idea, parents should take plenty of photos of their baby digging into his valentine "treats."

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