Romantic Valentine's Day Card Ideas


Although many people simply write off Valentine's Day as a commercial holiday or an excuse to spend money on their significant other, Valentine's Day is the only holiday solely devoted to love. Rather than taking the easy route and buying a card and box of chocolates, try and make this year's Valentine's Day unique. Don't worry if you don't have much money. It is possible to woo your significant other for a relatively small amount of money.

Message in a Bottle

Take a piece of paper and compose something thoughtful. Write whatever is on your mind and be sure to express how you truly feel about that special someone. Find a bottle that has been cleaned and rinsed out, roll the piece of paper into a cylinder and insert the paper into the bottle. Although a bottle with a cork is ideal, it is not absolutely necessary. If the bottle you are using did not come with a cork, you can always buy a cork at at craft store. The idea is to make your message in a bottle as realistic as possible. Now once you have your message in a bottle, there are several things that you can do. If you live by a beach or a body of water, place the bottle somewhere no one else can find. Then plan a date to walk along the area where you planted the bottle and allow your significant other to discover it. If you do not have access to a body of water, you can plan a romantic evening at your place and place the bottle in the bathtub. If this is not an option, you can plant the bottle in some bushes or near trees in a park.

XXL Card

Go to the store and buy two pieces of poster board of any color. Use the poster board as the front and back of your Valentine's Day card. With a few markers, or whatever you want to decorate the front cover, try and be as creative as possible. You have plenty of space, so try your best to fill it up with designs and decorations. The more the better. Feel free to decorate the back of the card as well. After you have decorated both sides of the card, use a hole puncher and punch several holes along the edge of the two pieces of poster board. Then, take a piece of yarn and string it through the holes so the poster board is bound together. Make sure the string holds, so the card does not fall apart. Open up the card when it is bound and write a romantic message to your significant other. Use as much space as you want and include decorations.

Medieval Message

Take a piece of paper, preferably unlined, and compose a message for your significant other using a pen and ink. A quill and and a jar of ink can be found at any arts and crafts store. Include anything you would not mind reading and expressing to your significant other. If you are having trouble writing with the pen and ink, write on a few practice sheets of paper first. If possible, try to write in a calligraphy style. Once you have written your message, take a lighter and burn the edges of the letter. Burn the letter just enough to char the edges of the paper. Do not burn the entire piece of paper. The point of this is making your letter seem older than it actually is. Once you have done this, roll up the piece of paper into a cylinder and tie it together with a small piece of ribbon. On Valentine's Day, present this as a message that you read to your significant other. If possible, dress up in Medieval clothing. The more you play the part, the more other person will feel moved.

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