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Sending a Valentine's Day balloon bouquet lets that special someone know how much you care. Arranging delivery can be tricky since Valentine's Day is one of the busiest holidays for flower shops. Consider including a singing telegram with the delivery or plan a personal delivery to ensure your special package arrives on time.

Step 1

Visit a flower shop or check online for a Valentine's Day balloon bouquet (see Resources below). Send a balloon bouquet of colorful, eye-catching mylar balloons. Some balloons come with special messages or shapes. Consider adding a few latex balloons or more mylar balloons to complete the bouquet.

Step 2

Add extras. Sending a Valentine's Day balloon bouquet is a great way to tell your sweetheart you love him. Make your gift extra special by adding a festive touch such as flowers, a teddy bear or chocolates. For an extraordinary Valentine's Day balloon bouquet add a bottle of wine, chocolate covered strawberries or champagne.

Step 3

Arrange delivery. Many flower shops offer delivery for Valentine's Day balloon bouquets. Some charge extra fees for this service. Ask if delivery involves any unique or creative messages. Consider a poem you wrote for your sweetheart. Think about a personal delivery to your sweetheart. This makes the gift even more special and can save you a few dollars if your budget is tight.

Step 4

Supply all important information for delivery. Provide the delivery service with the recipient's name, address and phone number. Double check all information including spelling. One mistake could prevent delivery of your Valentine's Day delivery. If the location is difficult to find, supply a brief description of the area or draw a map.

Step 5

Book early. Requesting a unique song or poem requires extra time from most performers. Ensure your delivery by ordering early and scheduling delivery the day before Valentine's Day. A surprise is always welcome, but missing Valentine's Day does not put you in a good spot with your sweetheart.

Step 6

Confirm delivery. Call the business where you made the purchase and ask if your delivery was made. Request a signature confirmation when making the purchase. This ensures you have a record of who signed and took possession of the delivery.

Things You'll Need

  • Mylar balloons
  • Special message
  • Flowers, candy, wine or teddy bear

Who Can Help

  • Order from 1-800 balloons
  • Add a singing telegram
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Photo by: Photo Credit: Jamie Peterson

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