Traditional List of Valentine Songs

Valentine's Day may be the most romantic day of the year. Many couples celebrate by going out to dinner or spending a romantic night at a cozy vacation spot. Family members, too, celebrate their love for each other on this day by sending cards, stuffed animals and candy. One way to enhance a Valentine's Day dinner or outing is to include music. Modern music is flooded with love songs. Choose your favorites and make a mixed disc or add them to your computer. If you're at a loss as to which songs to choose, there are several that are traditional for Valentine's Day.

"Beyond the Sea"

"Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin celebrates loyalty between lovers. The lyrics talk about a young woman that waits for her man on the beach, looking for his ship to return every day. The song is evocative of sailors' wives that used to watch for their husbands' ships to return, but the theme isn't sad. Instead, it's written from the point of view of the man; he sings about how glad he is that he has such a wonderful woman to greet him when he returns home.

"I Could Fall In Love"

The singer Selena wrote and performed this song some time ago, but its Latin beat and classic guitar accompaniment make it acceptable for modern use. Further, the lyrics talk about the kind of love that envelopes you completely. The singer reflects on how lucky she is to have the other person in her life and how amazing the other person is. Though the title states that the singer "could" fall in love with the subject of the song, the theme of the lyrics is clearly that the singer is already in love with this person and is now gathering the courage to tell him. This is a good one for newer, very romantic couples.

"You Really Got a Hold On Me"

This song by Smokey Robinson is old, but still relevant. An especially good selection for vintage music lovers, this song talks about the magnetism of love. As the title suggests, the woman addressed in the song is so mesmerizing that the singer can't imagine life without her. However, the bluesy feel of the song prevents it from feeling sappy or "too" romantic. This is a good song for couples that have a deep but light relationship with lots of laughter and teasing.

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