Kids Valentine Craft Ideas

Kids can make Valentine's Day crafts as a way to celebrate the holiday or as gifts for their friends and loved ones. Valentine's day crafts can be simple or complex. Some require only construction paper, and others need more advanced skills and supplies. Once you have a few Valentine craft instructions that are suitable for both toddlers and elementary age children, you can decide which crafts you think your kids will like.

Candy Frame

A candy frame makes a good Valentine's Day gift for kids to give to their parents. To make a candy frame, buy an inexpensive frame or cut the shape of a frame out of cardboard. If you make a cardboard frame, cut a back for the frame out of cardboard too. You can hold the back and front together with a paper clip. Use Valentine's Day candy, like conversation hearts and Red Hots, to decorate the frame. Glue on the pieces of candy, covering the entire border of the frame. Have the kids put a picture of them and their loved ones in the frame.

Heart Mobile

Kids can make a heart mobile to give as a Valentine's Day gift. To make a mobile you can use a hanger and string or straws and string. To use the straws, attach several together by sliding them inside one another. Make a cross shape with two one-foot sections of straw. Have the children cut Valentine's day shapes from paper or colored foam. Hearts, angels, bows and arrows, and cut-outs of the letter "x" and the letter "o" are just a few ideas. Use a hole puncher to make a hole in each shape. Tie each shape to the base of the mobile. Make the strings that hang the shapes different lengths. You also will need to cut a string to tie at the center of the cross so you can hang the mobile. If you are using a hanger you will tie your stringed objects to the hanger. You will not need a string to hang the mobile because you can use the hanger's hook.

Valentine Game

Have the kids make a Valentine's day game. Give each kid a piece of pink posterboard and have each child make a Tic Tac Toe board on it, using a ruler to measure the sections and make even lines. Give the kids red clay and have them make six "Xs" and six "Os" from the clay. Polymer clay works well for this craft because it can be cured quickly in a home oven. The kids also can use markers to decorate their game boards, while they wait for their clay pieces to cure.

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