Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Ages 4-8


Children ages 4 to 8 are at that age when they want to do things on their own, but they also need some adult supervision. Visit your local craft store for basic supplies, then try some simple valentines crafts that allow your children to explore their creativity while receiving just a little bit of guidance from you.


You don't have to buy a lot of expensive craft supplies to make successful craft projects. Young children can be quite content with basic materials, such as construction paper, craft foam, crayons, markers, glue and stickers. Give the children red, white or pink construction paper and let them make their own valentine cards. If they need help, an adult can lend a hand by writing a message as a child dictates, or cutting out heart shapes to glue onto the cards. Provide pre-cut heart shapes of paper or craft foam to make things easier. Show your child how to spread glue on paper, then sprinkle glitter on the glue for a sparkly design. Try making a heart garland to decorate a doorway or wall. Fold red paper accordion-style. Using a stiff paper heart, trace the heart onto the folded paper with one of the curved sides of the heart lined up with a folded edge. Cut out the heart all the way through the layers, making sure not to cut the folded side. Unfold the paper for a heart garland. If you want a longer garland, make more than one and tape them together.

Creative Projects

Use colored paper or craft foam to make Valentine's Day animals. Cut out different sizes of hearts and glue them together in animal shapes. For example, a dog or a cat can be made of a large upside-down heart for the face, and two smaller hearts for the ears. A fish can be two or three sideways hearts layered on top of each other. Decorate the animals with markers and fuzzy pipe cleaners. Give children colored polymer clay and have them create heart-shaped valentine gifts for a friend or family member. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter for easier shaping. Bake the clay according to package directions. You can also make magnets out of the creations by glue-gunning a magnet to the back after baking. Let a child feel like royalty on Valentine's Day in his own crown. Wrap a rectangular band of red paper around the child's head and measure for size. Then, let her decorate the crown with markers, glitter or heart shapes. A crown can also be made out of a paper plate. Cut slits through the bottom of the plate as you would cut a pie. Leave 1 to 2 inches along the rim. Fold up the triangular-shaped pieces and attach hearts to each point. To enjoy a little bit of nature on Valentine's Day, provide each child with a smooth, clean stone, various colors of paint and small brushes. Let the children paint on a valentine message or drawing. If the stones are small enough, they can be made into magnets as instructed previously.

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