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Cards, candies and messages have been exchanged every February for more than 200 years, and it still seems as if no one is tired of Valentine's Day. Every year, people try to come up with new ideas for gifts and new words for messages to top last year's celebration. There are various approaches you can take to giving your Valentine the perfect message.

What Type of Card or Gift?

If you choose to give a traditional Valentine's card, you could take the easy route and just buy one. But if you want to be creative and give a message from the heart, you could make your own. Any card with red and pink and hearts will work. Gather up some construction paper, scissors, doilies and glue and get to work. You can cut out hearts, overlap hearts or add some glitter. Inside, write your loving message with white or silver ink. Instead of giving a card, you could make your valentine a treat. You could bake a cake and write "I love you" with frosting. You could also make cupcakes with candy hearts on top that say "Be mine" or "Sweetheart." How about baking heart-shaped cookies and using them like conversation hearts with sweet messages written in frosting? Make sure you use pink, red or white frosting and icing for the cake or cupcakes. If you're doing the heart-shaped cookies, you can match them to the colors of conversation hearts. Finally, you can buy your loved one a keepsake and get it engraved with your message. Consider a picture frame, a heart-shaped clock or a key chain. Of course, jewelry with your message inscribed is a thoughtful, personalized gift.

The message

Once you decide what gift to give, then you can decide what message to put on your gift. There are basic Valentine's Day quotes such as "Be mine," "I love you," "Sweet talk" and "Kiss me." For something more personal, pick a special song and use the chorus for your personalized message. How about a favorite scripture about love from the Bible? Song of Solomon and I Corinthians are great books to find scriptures about love.

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