Elementary Classroom Valentine's Day Ideas


Valentine's Day traditionally consists of paper hearts, candy and Valentine's Day parties. Finding new ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in elementary classrooms encourages the creativity of the children and makes the day more exciting. These ideas can be incorporated into the traditional Valentine's Day parties, or they can stand alone as the event for the day.

Secret Valentines

A secret Valentine activity allows the students to find creative ways to surprise each other. Each student is secretly assigned a Valentine from the classroom. Remind the students to keep the identity of their Valentines a secret. The students leave special surprises for their secret Valentines throughout the week before Valentine's Day. Encourage them to find ways to help their secret Valentines without them knowing or create little presents that require no money to make. On Valentine's Day, hold a party during which the secret Valentines reveal themselves.

Valentine's Day History Skit

Hearts, candy and flowers often come to mind when Valentine's Day is mentioned. Encourage the students to explore the origins of Valentine's Day and how it has changed throughout the years. The research they conduct can be turned into a skit or presentation for other classes at school. Create scenery and costumes for the skit to make it more interesting. Present the Valentine's history skit on Valentine's Day, inviting parents as well as other classes.

Spread Valentine's Greetings

Activities that focus on the aspect of love and caring offer life lessons for the students. Assist the kids in planning a trip to a local nursing home or children's hospital on Valentine's Day. Have the students create Valentine's cards for the residents or patients of the selected location. You can also plan songs or skits about Valentine's Day to share. Encourage the students to contribute their own ideas for the Valentine's Day field trip.

Valentine's Carnival

A Valentine's Day carnival in the classroom gives the students the responsibility of planning a big event while having a good time. Students will plan and organize the games and activities that will be included for the Valentine's Day carnival. Encourage them to plan a variety of activities, keeping in mind the ages of the other guests who will be invited to the carnival.

Valentine's Craft Day

A Valentine-themed craft day provides students with a break from their rigorous academic schedule. Stations for the different crafts allow students to work in smaller groups to complete the crafts. Select a variety of Valentine's craft ideas; possibilities include homemade Valentine's Day cards, a Valentine's mail box or collages made from hearts. Set aside a portion of the day to allow students to rotate through the Valentine's craft stations.

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