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Moravian stars go by several names including German star, Polish star, Froebel star, Danish star, Swedish star, origami star and Christmas star. The term Moravian star simply means a 3-dimensional star used and illuminated during Christmas or Advent. The modern day Moravian star has 26 points, where the traditional star had 110 points. The origami or paper folded Moravian star has a total of 16 points.

Type of Material Used

Moravian stars can be made from cut strips of paper, fabric or ribbon approximately 1/2 inch in width and 17 inches long. The paper should be at least 80 pound weight so the points of the star will stand up once complete. This is similar to the weight of construction paper. Fabric and soft ribbon should be sprayed with a light coating of stiffener prior to starting the project.

Folding the Moravian Star

The Moravian star is made by folding four pieces of 1/2 inch paper in half and weaving them together in a basket weave. The flat points are created by folding each point under itself at a 90-degree angle then folding the tail of the same piece of paper up at a 90-degree angle. The two folded 90-degree angles are folded together. The end of the piece of paper is tucked under the center basket weave to secure. Four outside points are made on the front, then the star is turned over and the four back points are made in the same fashion. Four points are made on the top and bottom of the flat basket weave center. Take one strip and make a 90 degree fold on top of the strip. Stand the point up towards the center of the basket weave. Bring the end of the strip toward the outer edge of the basket weave center. Tuck the end of the strip through the next square on the basket weave. Pull until the strip forms a rounded point with the standing triangle. Cut off the end even with the basket weave center. Repeat the process for the other three points. Flip the star and do the same fold to the other side.

Finishing the Moravian Star

Tie a string through one of the flat points to form a loop. Dip the star in melted paraffin wax. Immediately shake glitter over the wax. Hold for 15 seconds until the wax dries. An alternative to dipping the folded Moravian star into wax is to leave it plain or paint it with spray paint.

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