Christmas Craft Ideas With Cardboard Boxes

As you are busy decking your halls and walls for the upcoming Christmas holiday, take a little bit of time to get into the season by completing Christmas craft projects. Crafting encourages you to reuse items from around your home, including the cardboard boxes that may be piling up. Making cardboard box Christmas craft projects may bring you joy during the holiday season.

Ornament Chest

Santa may not have yet loaded up his sleigh with goodies, but savvy crafters are already thinking ahead to protect their precious ornaments. With a couple of supplies, you can create an ornament chest, sure to keep both heirloom decorations and your newest additions safe from year to year. A sturdy option for the base of the ornament chest is the largest square flat-rate priority mail box, available free from the post office (or reuse one you received in the mail as long as it is in good condition). Wrap the outside of the box with a festive Christmas paper. While the outside of the box dries, break apart a couple of egg containers, recycling the non "egg" shaped halves. Squeeze a dot of glue into the bottom of each egg nest, and then shake a canister of glitter over all of the glue. When the glue dries, tilt the egg holder over a garbage can to shake off loose glitter. Glue dots of glitter to the bottom of the egg holder and press securely into the bottom of the cardboard box. Add multiple egg holders until the box is filled. Add ornaments; when the ornaments are on your tree, you'll still have a pretty and sparkly box you can keep out among your decorations.

Card Organizer

As your home fills with good tidings through the postal system, you may be displaying cards along your mantel or other areas of the home. After the holidays, you'll still want a place to keep those cards safe for when you need a seasonal pick me up throughout the year. To create a keepsake card organizer, you just need a couple of items already in your home---two shoeboxes, Christmas-themed wrapping paper, glue, scissors and one white envelope (use one from a card that's gone missing). Remove the lid from the shoebox and set it aside, then cover the outside of the shoebox with the wrapping paper; you can cut pieces to fit or actually wrap the outside of the box like it is a present, folding over paper at the sides. Let the paper and glue dry while you do the same with the shoebox lid. You have the option of also covering the inside of the box with wrapping paper; choose a different Christmas pattern for an eye-catching, clashing design. Remove the lid from the second shoebox and trim just the flat cardboard part; remove the lips that hang over. Cut the cardboard into even sections and hand write "Friends," "Family," "Coworkers" or other people you receive cards from. Draw a line of glue down the bottom edge of each section and press it, standing up, into the shoebox. A few inches further, press another section, creating dividing lines. Let everything dry and fill with cards.

Present Pile

Sometimes making a craft is purely for decoration, as with a Christmas project of making present boxes. If you'd like your home to look like Santa's factory, filled with gifts, you can create crafts of gift boxes from ordinary store cardboard boxes. Over the Christmas season or throughout the year, anytime you purchase a shirt or other clothing, say "Yes" when the store representative asks if you would like a box to go with it. Prior to Christmas, assemble all your long white shirt boxes, then wrap a long, thick bright red ribbon the long way around the box, then the short way, forming a plus sign. The decorations look like sophisticated gifts, created with just a couple of quick steps. Alternate red and green ribbons to show off the colors of the season for your present pile.

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