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Candy canes, which rarely expire, are great for making a number of crafts that will last throughout the Christmas season. These cheap little candies come in an assortment of fun colors that look as good as they taste. When the holiday season is over, you can tear into the candy canes, eat them over time, or give them to kids around the neighborhood.

Candy Cane Centerpiece

A candy cane vase makes for a fun and easy centerpiece. For this centerpiece, you will need a thick, round vase about 10 inches tall, double-sided tape, about 12 to 16 candy cane sticks, ribbon, poinsettias, a gold or silver platter, and silver and red confetti. Place the double-sided tape around your vase. Holding the vase in your hand, affix the candy cane sticks side-by-side on the tape around the entire vase. You can leave your candy cane vase as is, and place poinsettias or another favorite holiday flower inside. Or you can wrap ribbons or a bow around your vase. Place the vase on your platter to create your centerpiece. Adorn the platter with confetti.

Candy Cane Wreath

Wreaths are a fun and festive way to decorate your door or porch and show your neighbors some holiday spirit. Candy canes of any kind can spruce up the most basic wreath. To create your candy can wreath, you'll need 6 to 12 candy canes, a hot glue gun, a basic wreath and festive ribbons, bows, and buttons. Tie a bow or ribbon around each candy cane. Hot glue the candy canes to your wreath, leaving two inches of space between each cane. Then glue your buttons between each cane. To top off the wreath, glue a large bow along the bottom. If using nontraditional candy canes (such as pink or blue ones), adjust the materials to coordinate colors, such as baby blue ribbon and pink buttons.

Poinsettia and Candy Cane Garland

Garland can be strewn across just about anything. To create your poinsettia and candy cane garland, you will need a poinsettia template, red and green card stock, hot glue gun, garland of any kind, and candy canes. Print out a poinsettia template and trace along your card stock. Cut out five to seven poinsettias. Create leaves using your green card stock, then glue them just under your poinsettia so they are just barely peeking out. Using your hot glue gun, affix a poinsettia to each candy cane. Hook each candy cane onto your garland, leaving even space between each. Dangle from your fireplace or entryway.

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