Outdoor Christmas Crafts Done in Lights

Create Christmas crafts to light up the outside of your home for a festive feel. image by creativecommons.org


Nothing lights up a home during the holidays like outdoor Christmas decorations. Make your home the highlight of the neighborhood this year by crafting your own outdoor Christmas decorations. A few simple supplies and some easy steps will result in Christmas decorations you'll love and will undoubtedly enjoy for many years to come.


Purchase waxed paper lunch bags at your local party supply or craft supply store. Decorate them by first tracing the shapes of stars of various sizes in several places on these bags. Cut out the stars. Outline the cutout areas on the bags with glue and glitter in any color you choose. Fill the bags one quarter full of sand. String clear Christmas lights, designed for outdoor use, through one hole on each of two sides of every bag until a chain of luminarias is strung together to line your walkway, driveway or the perimeter of your yard.


When your family puts up the Christmas tree, there will likely be additional boughs that must be trimmed before the tree will fit through the door, under the ceiling or into the Christmas tree stand. Put these trimmed boughs to good use. Gather them together in bunches and tie with a piece of twine. Go over the twine with a piece of satin or velvet ribbon, and tie with a bow. Lay the bunch of boughs on a large piece of cardboard outside and spray the greenery with a can of faux snow. Use glue and glitter to write your family's last name on the ribbon. Wind a small set of 100 clear Christmas lights around the entire swag and hang it on your front porch near your house number or mailbox.

Glass Decor

Find some glass patio blocks at your local home and garden store, or if you're lucky, find some at a thrift shop. Drill a 1/2-inch hole into one side of each block toward the bottom. Thread a strand of 100-count clear Christmas lights into the hole, leaving the plug and extra cord on the outside. Using 2-inch wide velvet ribbon, wrap the glass block the way you would a package, tying a bow in the middle. You may use any color ribbon that you choose. Slip a hot glue gun underneath the ribbon in two or three places to affix it to the glass. This will keep it from slipping off. Plug in the lights and enjoy a beautiful lighted package as part of your outdoor Christmas decor.

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