Ideas for Decorating a Christmas Tree in Black & Silver

Decorating a Christmas tree in black and silver is an elegant holiday choice. If this sophisticated color scheme fits into your room's décor, a black and silver tree may be the perfect choice for you. Spray painting your own ornaments gives you the most possibilities but silver and even black ornaments are available at many craft and specialty retailers.

A Black Tie Affair

This playful tree plays up the festive atmosphere of the holiday season. Drape the tree with silver, glittering garlands and hang metallic and shimmering black and white ornaments on the branches. You can make your own ornaments by gluing black and silver sequins onto plastic foam balls. Add black bow ties and silver miniature champagne bottles (that you can create by wrapping small bottle shapes with aluminum foil or metallic gift wrap). For a touch of color, and to compliment the black bow ties, purchase some high-heeled shoe ornaments or cut high-heeled shapes from metal or heavy paper and spray them with bright red paint. Bright red tassels purchased from a craft or fabric store may be used in place of the shoes.

A Winter's Evening

This tree emphasizes the winter calm that comes from a quiet snowfall on a dark winter night. For silver accents, use silver bells or snowflake ornaments sprayed with silver glitter. For black accents, tie glittery black ribbon bows to the branches or drape shimmering black and silver ribbons as garlands among the silver snowflakes. For a color accent, hang shiny yellow crescent shaped moons among the other decorations.

Sophisticated Roses

While black roses may have symbolized grief in the Victorian era, they can be used to evoke mystery and sophistication today. Purchase black and silver silk or plastic roses from a craft store. If you can't find roses in black or silver, spray paint white roses. Sprinkle the roses with black and silver glitter. To carry out the floral theme, add small silver twigs. For a touch of color, add sprigs of bright red holly berries, red or white roses, or a garland of bright red or pink beads

A Simple Color Choice

Your tree can sparkle with black and silver ornaments and decorations even without conveying a specific theme. Simply use a variety of ornaments and decorations in black and silver; the more sequined or shiny, the better. Silver tassels, silver instruments like flutes or clarinets, ornaments painted or sprayed black, and silver geometric patterns or silver snowflakes are all possibilities. It is always nice to add a touch of color; a beaded garland in shocking pink would do the trick.

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