How to Create a Christmas Tree out of Coat Hangers


Nothing beats the look of a beautifully lit Christmas tree topiary when decorating for Christmas. Placed on a fireplace mantle, table or on either side of the front door, they add a touch of elegance and Christmas cheer to your home. But they can be very expensive to purchase. If you'd like to get the lit Christmas tree topiary look for less, you can make a miniature lit Christmas tree out of recycled wire coat hangers.

Step 1

Put the hangers into three groups of two and tie one of the corners together in each group with twist ties or yarn. Arrange the pairs of hangers with the hooks in the middle, and tie together. You should have a tripod at this point, with the hooks hanging down in the middle.

Step 2

Spread out the pairs of hangers so all six fan out. It should look like the frame of a tree, with the hooks sticking out at the bottom. Secure each hook to the wire hanger next to it to make your tree more stable.

Step 3

Let the plug for the lights dangle down the middle of the tree so the first light after the plug is at the top of the tree. Fasten the plug to the bottom of the tree (leave it as long as you like) with a twist tie.

Step 4

Wrap the lights around each hanger. Use a longer strand if you want the lights to be closer together. Secure the lights with twist ties or yarn occasionally.

Step 5

Wrap the garland around the tree, starting at the top. Secure it at the top and let a bit of it dangle down the middle of the tree. Try not to leave any gaps. Poke through any lights that aren't showing through the garland.

Step 6

Hang small ornaments of your choice.

Things You'll Need

  • Large amount of twist ties, yarn or string
  • Small strand of Christmas lights
  • 2 or 3 thick Christmas garlands
  • Small ornaments
  • 6 wire coat hangers

Who Can Help

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