Shabby Chic Christmas Ideas

Shabby chic is a finish method used to make home accessories and furniture look cottage worn. This style of decorating is good for several types of décor styles, like country, rustic and beach shack. Shabby chick looks wonderful in Christmas decorating because it gives your holiday home a cozy heirloom look. Use chic Christmas ideas to decorate your front porch, guest room and dining room.

Shabby Bee House

Clean and paint a triangular-shaped bee house in a shabby style. Make an evergreen swag and run a gold ribbon around it, securing it with floral wire. Place the bee house on your front porch. Add a string of mini lights to the bee house. Tuck a few lights in the bee hole. This gives the illusion that fireflies are now living in the bee house. Clip silk white poinsettias, poke some in the bee holes and place them around the base of the house.

Shabby Mirror

Paint an old wide-framed mirror in a light green fir color. Use some steel wool to scrub away at the wood surface to give it a worn look. With a hot glue gun, add some rustic touches to the mirror, like miniature pine cones and evergreen branches. Add a wooden angel to the lower right hand of the mirror. Attach the angel to a hemp rope and let it dangle from the mirror sweetly. Hang this mirror in a guest room for a nice holiday look. Glue a wooden plaque that says "Merry Christmas" on the wooden frame, at the top of the mirror.

Shabby Tray

Buy an old wooden tray from a thrift store. Whitewash the wooden tray and let it dry. Place a vintage doily on the tray. Add a set of Christmas mugs, arranging them neatly. Place a small jar of cinnamon sticks and a covered dish of cocoa powder with a tiny spoon in it on the tray. In the corner of the tray, add a small bowl of Christmas baubles, like vintage ornaments and holly berries. Set the tray on the sideboard of the dining room table. Alternatively, place the tray in the center of the dining room table. Or add four sparkling champagne glasses to your tray. Around the base of the glasses, place small poinsettia blooms, pine cones and vintage Christmas ornaments. Roll up heirloom linen napkins and tie them with tinsel garland pieces.

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