Christmas Ideas for Painting Pottery

It is never to early to think about Christmas, and incorporating pottery into your gift or decoration ideas will certainly be a big hit. Many inspirational items to use can be found right in your own home. Gather favorite Christmas cards and trace the design on tracing paper, so that you can transpose the picture to a favorite holiday item later.

Ornaments With Holiday Scenes

Take the transfer paper that you have copied from your favorite holiday card and trace it with a marker so that the ink bleeds through. If you need to make the image smaller, use a copier to scale down your image. Once you get the design you like, pick your favorite colors and begin to paint. These ornaments can be used as a name tag for place settings at a Christmas dinner or attached to a gift with ribbon.

Candlestick Holders

Candlestick holders come in various sizes and again can be used to dress a holiday table or as a centerpiece. Instead of tracing images, trace leaves gathered from your backyard. Once all leaves are traced, paint them in various colors. Avoiding the traditional holiday colors will allow you to use the candlestick holders all year long.


Mugs are an easy and fun way to get the kids involved in decorating or gift-giving. Have the kids paint the name of their friend or teacher and finish painting the mug in fun, festive colors. Polka dots are easy for the smaller kids to do (ages 2 to 6), while older crafters (ages 7 to 99) can easily trace images on the mug. Once the paint is dry, fill the mug with candies and wrap in cellophane for an inexpensive gift from the heart.


Unfinished pottery, otherwise known as "Bisque" can be bought at your local hobby and craft store. If you choose to paint the pottery using glazes, the bisque will need to be fired in a kiln to make it food and drink safe, (i.e. the mug). You can take your unfired bisque to a pottery shop and they will fire it, for a small fee. However, if your item is just meant to be decorative, then any basic acrylic paint will suffice.

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