Ideas for Decorating Clear Glass Xmas Ornaments

Among the many vibrant and bright-colored Christmas tree bulbs and ornaments are a handful of simple, clear glass ornaments. Clear glass Christmas ornaments are a suitable canvas for a variety of creative and festive Christmas craft projects. Whether you are an expert crafter or novice beginner, decorating clear glass ornaments is a simple way to add personal style to your Christmas decor.

Painted Ornaments

The smooth surface of clear glass ornaments makes them well suited to painting. Basic acrylic paints can be used to create simple designs or solid coats of bright unexpected colors like lime or magenta. For a classic and wintry look, coat clear glass ornaments with a layer of frosted glass paint; the ornament will appear as if it has frosted over once the medium is dry. Another option for a creative painted look is to apply a coat of paint on the exterior of the ornament and then apply a layer of crackle finish. The dry paint will have a rustic, aged look of cracked paint. For funky artistic ornaments, remove the screw top of the ornament and place a few drops of different paint colors inside. Replace the top and shake the ornament to create a splatter paint effect.

Filled Ornaments

If your glass ornaments have a removable top, you can fill the interior of the ornaments to create a snow globe effect. Choose a reflective material, such as silver tinsel, that will sparkle on the tree. For a softer look, tufts of felt or a collection of yarn scraps create a colorful glass ornament. Evoke the sense of a snowy evening by placing a layer of silver or blue glitter along the bottom of the ornament. Replace the top of the ornament and give it a shake to spread the glitter along the edges of the glass interior.

Gems and Jewels

Bedazzled ornaments are elegant and creative additions to a Christmas tree. Select small gems so that they will adhere properly to the curved exterior surface of the ornament. Glue the gems to the exterior of the ornament in rows of repeating patterns. Frame each gem with a circle of glitter glue to add color and sparkle. Consider filling the ornament with tinsel or glitter so that the glue marks will not be visible through the glass.

Commemorative Ornaments

Commemorate important events by decorating clear glass Christmas ornaments. For example, coat your baby's hand in washable acrylic paint and leave a handprint impression on the side of a glass ornament. Use a thin paintbrush to mark the date and child's name on the back of the ornament to commemorate baby's first Christmas. To celebrate the first Christmas as a married or engaged couple, put on dark lipstick and kiss the side of a glass ornament before inscribing it with names and dates. To prevent smudging, spray a thin coat of sealant.

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