Ideas for Christmas Church Banners

An article by "Christianity Today" states that "no matter who makes them, banners are a wonderful way to develop visual artistry in a church." Set the tone of the Christmas season with a banner in your worship space or home. Make the banner yourself under the guidance of an experienced seamstress or purchase the banner from a Christian supply company.

Christmas Carol

Make a series of banners based upon your favorite Christmas carols. For example, create a banner that says "Silent Night" or "Joy to the World." Don't limit yourself to the first line or the title of the song. For example, "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" includes wonderful banner phrases such as "Glory to the newborn king" and "Christ is born in Bethlehem." If the banner is in your worship space, coordinate the message on the banner with the opening hymn or choir anthem.

Family Photos

Ask church members to deliver their family Christmas card photo or another family picture to the church. Arrange the photos into letters to spell the phrase, "Jesus is born to save us." Use fabric glue to affix the photos to a large piece of strong fabric. Include every photo you collect. If you have extra photos, create a border or small clusters of families. Hang the banner in a place where people can view it from far away or closer. From far away they can enjoy the bold phrase proclaimed by the banner. When closer to the banner they can identify people they know in the pictures.

Bold Words

Make a series of banners with words associated with Christmas. For example, banners could say "Hope," "Joy," "Peace" or "Love." Coordinate the banners by using the same fabrics for the letters but different fabrics for the background. Consider gold, silver and other festive colors. If your church observes Advent for the four weeks before Christmas, add one banner each week of Advent until all of the banners are in the worship space for Christmas Eve. Talk to your pastor about the sermon topic each week to decide which banner should be revealed each week.

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